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dental crowns

A crown is a cap that fits over a tooth that has been damaged. It restores the shape and size of the tooth to enhance its appearance and improve its functionality. With CEREC, the process is faster so that you can be on your way quickly.

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CEREC works quickly and crafts quality crowns in just one appointment. This means that you save time and don't have to worry about coming back for a second appointment to have it fitted.


Don't worry about taking more time than necessary out of your busy schedule for the care you need.

Save time with fast service

With more than 35 years of experience, we offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services that are effective in brightening your smile and boosting your confidence.


With affordable payment options, we can help you get the care that you need.

Improve your smile's appearance

CEREC is a state-of-the-art machine that shapes, designs, mills, and delivers a quality crown for you in a single appointment. Most insurance is accepted. Call today to see if you qualify.

What is CEREC?

Quality crowns without the wait

dental crowns